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How to Keep Your Glass Pool Fence Spotless Clean

If you own a swimming pool, then you already know of the safety issues associated with it. There are different sorts of fencing material on the market. One material that is gaining popularity year after year is glass. Glass fences are aesthetically pleasing and they allow you to see what is happening in on the other side straight away.


Security and beauty are two strong arguments in favor of a glass pool fence. But how about maintenance? Maybe you are interested in having a glass fence placed around your swimming pool area, but think that you might have trouble cleaning it. There really is nothing to fear because it is amazingly uncomplicated to preserve and clean the glass without having to invest that much time, energy, and money.


Our advice is…

Avoid glass cleaners because they may leave residues on your glass fence that become highly visible in direct sun light. The recommended and least expensive cleaner is warm water together with liquid soap (the same that you use for cleaning glasses and plates).

Apply the soap and water with a sponge on the glass panels, in the same way you would when cleaning glasses or plates. Clear away the soap suds by simply washing it away with good clean water.

Then let it dry in the air and enjoy a spotless clean glass pool fence!



For the railings and posts, we highly recommend that you use a moderately damp soft cloth or sponge to pass over it. A microfiber cloth is also good as it is not so harsh to leave scratches on the surface of the rails and posts. For powder-coated railings and posts, we recommend that you use mineral-based turpentine or methyl-based mineral spirits to avoid discoloring and damaging the powder coating.

See if you can clean your glass fence and its parts at least every 6 months so it has a much longer life span!

Now that you fully understand how easy it is to cleanse and look after a glass fence, there is no reason to not have one installed, is there?



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