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Popularity On The Rise: 6 Reasons To Install and Use Glass Pool Fencing For Your Home

One of the most preferred fencing solutions throughout Australia is glass pool fencing. Many people have admired glass pool fencing because of how it looks. However, it’s not been until the last few years that Australian homeowners have started to install them in their pool areas.  There are a couple of reasons for this:


  • Too delicate (easy to break)
  • Too costly (for their household budget)

Today there is more known about this pool fencing option and, with the information about it out there, it’s not surprising that it’s become so popular.  What these homeowners have learned is that glass pool fencing is extremely durable and not as expensive as they once believed.


Another Reason For The Popularity In Glass Pool Fences

Another reason for the popularity increase is the regulation of glass pool fences.  It was thought that installing a pool fence would be an eyesore, not fitting in with the home’s style.  But, the issue is not an issue any longer because of the various décor and glass fencing styles. It’s the best solution if you want to fence your pool and still keep your home’s look up.


6 Reasons Why Glass Pool Fencing Has Increased In Popularity

This solution to pool fencing is increasing all around the nation due to the numerous benefits it provides. In fact, you may have already come across homes or pools that have already installed glass pool fences.  What are some of the benefits that are seen with this type of fencing?


1 – Allure and Appeal

The key advantage to glass pool fencing is the allure and appeal it gives to a home. In fact, this type of fencing can match any home’s design style. It can be found in modern design and has sleek edges. For that reason, it makes this fencing style a comparable option to tubular and wooden fences.

With glass fencing, the area of your pool and home can look stylish and fashionable.  It can provide them with a classy look, and it doesn’t obstruct the view of your pool area.


2 – Durable

You wouldn’t equate durability with glass pool fencing.  However, this kind of fencing is made from toughened glass, and if properly maintained and cared for, it can last for years and years.  Glass isn’t like other types of materials such as steel and wood – it’s not subjected to deterioration and can endure salt water.  Glass fences are also not subjected to rust or rot


3 – Easily Maintainable

Glass pool fences are easily to clean and keep up. The only thing you need is a hose to clean the dirt and dust off the glass panels.


4 – Sense Of Space

This kind of fencing gives off a feel of more space. According to many homeowners who have opted for solution, the glass pool fence makes the backyard appear larger.  If you want, glass fencing can be installed around the whole home.


5 – Security

Glass pool fencing has the same security benefits that regular fencing provides but the residents don’t get the feeling of being closed in. Due to its transparency, the glass can be blended into any kind of décor or furnishing.  This means the glass pool fencing is going to complement your property’s style… not stand out like a sore thumb.


6 – Safety

There are all kinds of safety benefits associated with glass pool fencing… even though it does look fairly fragile. This type of fence lets parents keep an eye on their children, playing in the pool area or in any area of the yard.  Unlike other kinds of fencing, glass pool fencing has no footholds or leverage that would let your children climb over or attain access to the pool area without the adult supervision.

Glass panels used in fencing have been specially treated. To make sure glass breakage is rare, they’ve been toughened with the best possible thickness. Therefore, unless a lot of force is put onto the glass, it’s not going to break.

If you’ve been debating about glass pool fencing – wondering if it’s the right option for you – you should understand that it’s one of the most sought out options by Australian home and business owners.  People are finally moving past the misconceptions that surrounded glass pool fencing for too long. With the technological advances being made to the glass technology, the glass won’t break when exposed to hard objects. It’s taken time but people are realizing the kinds of benefits glass pool fencing has to offer and taking advantage of them.


Other Important Things To Consider When In The Market For A Pool Fence         

Manufacturers of glass pool fencing use glass panels – offering styles in either frameless or semi-frameless design.  Whatever kind of glass pool design you want, it’s certainly a safe option to go with. The panels that make up the glass pool fencing are designed for heavy-duty, industrial use.

Using glass pool fencing or glass balustrades, you can enhance the look of your pool. Since it can play a role in safety, it’s ideal for families who have toddlers or small children. The worry of walking into the pool area unaccompanied is less likely.

Today’s glass pool fencing market has an array of designs and options that you can choose from. Thus, it’s easy to find the type of glass pool fencing that will meet your requirements and be in your budget.  Its toughened glass, which has break-proof capabilities, ensures it’s the ideal choice for safety, strength and thermal resistance.


Where To Go For Your Glass Pool Fencing Needs

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Crystal Fencing is found mainly in Brisbane, Queensland. It’s an Australian-family owned business, operated by father and son. The duo has an exhaustive experience in pool fencing construction. They have the ability to modify any job in order to meet their client’s needs.  The company also holds a Safety Inspectors License, which lets you rest easy that the fence you have installed will meet all regulations.

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